Global Gourmet Convention and Exhibition
Educate, Innovate & Communicate

GGCE India is an event that takes a wholesome approach to the world of restaurants and hospitality. The industry in question is a dynamic one. Heavily shaped by the ripples of the contemporary culinary innovation, the field of hospitality is constantly evolving. This is a platform for all the voices in the industry to communicate with each other and conduct cohesive, progressive discussion.

The convention & exhibition is not limited to Restraunteurs, it blankets over all concurrent processes and associations. The aim of GGCE India is to create a safe and symbiotic environment for the participants, where day to day problems can be dealt with and we can work towards culinary innovation and epicurean indulgence.

Friday-Saturday, 6th & 7th Sept 2019

A dot Convention Centre, Ambience Golf Drive, Gurugram

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